Tips for New Cottage Owners


So You’ve Bought Your First Cottage: tips for new cottage owners
The travel route has been scouted. The investments have been made. Your future spent amongst Canada’s natural beauty is set to begin, owning a cottage is a pleasure and the luxury of relaxation is a reward worth pursuing. Whether you’ve chosen to stay in a resort or venture into the deep outdoors, a cottage is an investment towards your happiness. But where to begin for first time owners, here’s a few helpful tips.


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Get Snapping: Photo Contest 2015!

Lights, camera, action!

The season of summer has arrived and that means there’s beauty all around us! Parkbridge’s Photo Contest has returned for 2015, and the competition is open to all Parkbridge customers!


Last year’s Photo Contest was a great success and once again, Parkbridge’s budding photographers have the chance to win cash prizes just by capturing Parkbridge moments. 2014 submissions from across the nation gave a full scope of the talent our residents have while highlighting the tranquil scenery within our communities.

Need some incentive to bring your camera along for a nice day outside, well; cash prizes are available to the winning submissions in addition to the honour of becoming a published photographer.

  • 1st Prize – $300
  • 2nd Prize – $200
  • 3rd Prize – $100

Your photo may be featured on the Parkbridge website or its social media pages. Please submit your photos to including your name and name of Parkbridge location. Photo Contest winners will be decided on Sept. 11, 2015 and announced on Sept. 18!

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