Top 5 Reasons You Should Schedule a Fall Getaway

As the summer grows to a close many families are packing up from summer vacations and heading back home. For many, the autumn season marks a time for back to school, back to work, and the warmth of summer is quickly forgotten. …But don’t put away that swim suit just yet. With the weather forecast predicting a warmer fall why not schedule a fall getaway? Here’s why:

Owning a cottage just became much more afforable

Affordability - The shoulder season – the period after summer and before winter holidays is often cheaper, and means better deals for vacationers.


Deer enjoying the fall colours on a beautiful lake in the Kawarthas

Nature – Explore the beautiful fall colours during this picturesque time of year. Many resort destinations offer beautiful landscapes, perfect for this time of year. For example, Lakes of Wasaga Resort in Wasaga Beach offers a beachside autumn view which is spectacular and affordable.

Relaxing by a Campfire at a Parkbridge Resort

Relaxation – Let’s face it, autumn can be hectic. Sending the kids back to school, and getting to work can cause life to become chaotic quickly. What better a time to take a weekend off from the grind and enjoy the pre-winter weather while relaxing with family and friends?

Discover what makes a Parkbridge Resort great for the whole family.

Discovery – Autumn is the perfect time of year to head outside and discover. Many Canadian cities and towns host a wealth of fun fall activities including festivals, concerts, tours and much more. For instance, Wasaga Beach hosts an annual Blues Festival (Wasaga Beach Blues). In addition to festivals, consider checking out local annual autumn attractions such as apple orchards, corn mazes, hayrides, etc.

Fall colours on a beautiful lake in the Kawarthas

Autumn Weather – It’s true, autumn weather can be unpredictable. But, it’s a win-win for vacationers. If the weather is warm vacationers can enjoy swimming, fishing, kayaking and much more. If the weather is a little cooler vacationers can enjoy a cozy campfire, a brisk fall walk, an indoor-pool swim. At Lakes of Wasaga Resort vacationers can enjoy a chalet styled set-up with indoor fireplaces, as well as outdoor fire-pits, their choice of an indoor or outdoor pool as well as a short walk to the beach to catch the spectacular Georgian Bay sunsets during the autumn months.

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