Looking To Escape the Cold Winter? Consider Becoming a Snowbird

After last year’s long, cold and drawn out winter and with weather forecasters predicting a similar winter for 2015 have you ever thought about becoming a snowbird but wondered how you would be able to afford such a lifestyle?

Believe it or not becoming a snowbird is not only attainable, but at Parkbridge it can be incredibly affordable. Many of our homeowners are currently experiencing the freedom of enjoying the snowbird lifestyle through our Parkbridge land lease concept.


With land leasing, the opportunity becomes available for retirees to make money from selling their homes, and invest in a less-committal land lease property that won’t tie them down. Land leasing permits retirees to enjoy their free time and do what they love rather than spending time worrying about their financial situations as well as the security and maintenance that goes into a second home while flying south for the colder months.

Many of our Parkbridge Communities take care of snow shoveling, clearing and removal during the snowy Canadian winter months, as well as regularly check in on our residents homes that we know are going to be away for the winter months allowing our snowbirds peace of mind.

IMG_0872Once the winter weather hits our Parkbridge community snowbirds enjoy the freedom of jumping into their cars, RV’s or hopping a flight south for the cold Canadian winter months while having peace of mind that their home remains well-maintained, safe and secure.

During the warmer months our snowbirds return to their home and community where they are able to take full advantage of the warmer Canadian spring, summer and fall weather and enjoy and stay active with Parkbridge community amenities such as indoor and outdoor pools, fitness facilities & classes, golf courses, community centers, social functions and much more! Our homeowners benefit from feeling right at home at a safe, secure, well-maintained and affordable community.

Gloria Clements, homeowner at our Langley Grove Estates Community in Langley, British Columbia says:
“I’ve lived in Langley Grove Estates for 14 years now. Years ago I moved here to take care of my Mother, and while doing that I realized this was the exact lifestyle that I wanted for myself. My husband joined me eight years later and to this day we still love the lifestyle! Living at Langley Grove Estates allows us the freedom to travel wherever we want. We have an RV that we use all summer, and we love to go away in the winter. At Langley Grove there is a strong sense of community. Everyone is friendly, and helps each other out. The management is so great to deal with – the park is very well maintained, safe and secure.”
Don’t wait! Escape the cold winter and start your snowbird lifestyle today! For more information on our homeownership options visit us at www.parkbridge.com.

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  1. Please hurry and to allow this possibility at your beautiful Royal Papineau property. We spend our summers there but have to maintain a residence in town simply because the campground closes too early in the fall and opens too late in the spring to allow us to respect the maximum 182 days that we are permitted to reside in the US.

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