Tips for New Cottage Owners


So You’ve Bought Your First Cottage: tips for new cottage owners
The travel route has been scouted. The investments have been made. Your future spent amongst Canada’s natural beauty is set to begin, owning a cottage is a pleasure and the luxury of relaxation is a reward worth pursuing. Whether you’ve chosen to stay in a resort or venture into the deep outdoors, a cottage is an investment towards your happiness. But where to begin for first time owners, here’s a few helpful tips.

Stock up on R.S.S.
At the cottage, you’re closer than ever to nature. It can be so beautiful and scenic that sometimes we may forget that we’re sharing our space with nature. Afternoons spent at the dock or on the shore are a great way to spend a day but beforehand be sure to stock up on the R.S.S.’s Repellents, screens and sprays. Bug repellents and sprays are never a bad choice when selecting inventory and environmentally friendly options are available in the market. Sunscreen, well, you plan to be outdoors right?

Fun won’t always be weather compliant
Some days the weather just won’t cooperate. In a world with social media, Netflix and Wi-fi you’re never alone but it never hurts to have some activities around the cottage. Many cottage resorts feature amenities and activities to entertain residents but cottage owners in distant areas would certainly benefit from bringing some games to play. Cherish the memories made on the times spent indoors at your cottage.

Welcome to the community!
Being amongst nature and out of your element is part of the enjoyment in owning a cottage but be mindful, you’re still part of a community. Cottage resorts, island cottage or isolated lakeshore aside, be aware that being a good neighbour is universal and sound travels in the woods. Nobody wants to abscond to a weekend getaway only to encounter stresses caused by noisy neighbours. Fortunately noise complaints are taken seriously within cottage resort communities and the shared passion for vacationing is a common interest with the people you’ll grow to know.

Those furry neighbours
Be sure to protect your cottage and possessions you’ve brought by being vigilant about potential animal enticing objects. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your closet neighbours may not be the ones you’re expecting. Cottage resorts often have designated, protected garbage areas and communities do an excellent job in maintaining common area cleanliness. An excellent tip would be to remove clutter, such as leftover firewood from an evening campfire.

Keep your cottage in order
You’ve just purchased a cottage, of course you’re going to look after it, but the key to a happy home is a clean home. A messy cottage won’t exactly inspire serenity. Maximizing space and understanding the limits will go a long way in making your vacations enjoyable. How many guests can you host comfortably? What furniture works best in accommodating foot traffic? Where are the conversational focus points in your arranged layout? Knowing your cottage and its eccentricities can be helpful in personalizing your new palace.

Relax and have fun!
The most important tip to remember is too enjoy yourselves and relax! You’ve worked hard in acquiring a cottage, planned the logistics, packed the car and committed to the trip, you’ve earned this peace. It’s no small accomplishment in becoming a cottage owner so feel proud in spending some time away for the hassles of life and enjoy some outdoor fun!

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