Top 5 Reasons to Stay in a Yurt This Summer

Looking for something different to do this summer? Yurts offer a great opportunity for the perfect ‘glamping’ adventure. For those that are used to camp tenting, Yurts allow the opportunity to step it up a notch and try out a more comfortable style of camping.
For those that are used to staying in a cabin or cottage Yurts offer a unique opportunity to try out a more rustic experience, but still remain well-sheltered and comfortable.

Why try a Yurt? Here’s why we think you should:

Yurts are affordable

Yurts are generally much cheaper than hotel rooms and rental cabins. For as little as $100 a night, you can rent a six- person yurt at Wasaga Pines Resort in beautiful Wasaga Beach, Ontario. These comfortable Yurts are equipped with beds, a refrigerator and BBQ for ample summertime glamping enjoyment.

Yurts connect you with nature

Although sleeping under the stars can be nice, there are times when it is more enjoyable to have a roof over your head. Yurts provide the perfect link between open air camping and staying in a cabin. You get all the benefits of a solid roof above you, but the thin walls allow you to hear wildlife and feel outdoorsy. Yurts at Wasaga Pines have a large skylight in the roof to let the sun in by day and make stargazing possible by night.

Enjoy the Glamping Lifestyle

With the Wasaga Pines Yurts you get to experience refined camping, also known as “glamping.” With laminate hardwood floors, spacious beds, a fridge, storage space and a BBQ you’ve got all of the creature comforts of home and still get to experience the camping lifestyle complete with fire-pit and natural surroundings.

Yurts bring people together

Hotel rooms, cabins, and tents often have a way of segmenting groups. With a spacious Yurt, an entire family can comfortably stay together. Being in the same room encourages group games and storytelling, two things that are increasingly endangered in our technological world.

At Wasaga Pines in addition to spending time with family, the resort community provides family friendly activities such as BBQ’s, dances, and other social events to enjoy.

Have a big family or a large group of friends? Wasaga Pines Yurts are side by side, and in total could accommodate a group of up to 18.

Exploration Made Easy

Being surrounded by nature, and in a new setting you’ll want nothing more than to explore the area. Wasaga Pines Yurts are located in the perfect spot – allowing for easy, and ample exploration.

Located just minutes from the largest freshwater beach it’s easy to soak up the sun lakeside followed by a campfire, then tuck yourself into your cozy Yurt for the night.

Other area daytrip exploration could include visiting the town of Wasaga Beach, a nature hike, kayaking, golfing, mini-putt, enjoying local restaurants, ice-cream shops or even visiting the town of Collingwood – just a short 30 minute scenic drive away!

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