An extra special story about Wye Heritage Marina

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is getting great customer feedback. It’s rewarding to us at Parkbridge to hear that our goal of making customers happy is not only being met, but exceeded.

In the spirit of that, I’d like to share an extra special story about our Parkbridge Marina’s – specifically Wye Heritage Marina and how they made a big difference in one of our customer’s lives, enjoy and happy boating to all of our Marina customers!

Marina Sunset


They say that the two best days of a boater’s life is when you buy your boat and when you sell your boat. What is missing in that statement is the journey, in other words the time spent enjoying your dream and the people you encounter along the way.

In the fall of 2013 I purchased a Sea Ray 52 Sedan Bridge that was stored for the winter at the Wye Heritage Marina in Midland, Ontario, Canada. Due to some Achilles surgery, I was unable to pick it up and bring it to my slip in New Buffalo, Michigan, until this past May. If you are a boater you can just imagine how excited my friend Art and I were to fly up to Canada to bring my new boat “Full Circle ” home.

As previously mentioned,  I was recovering from Achilles surgery and purchased her through a broker and of course sent a surveyor to do the inspection prior to closing the sale so I had not seen her except through pictures. She was stored at Midland, and I had not been to Midland and the Georgian Bay.  Was I in for a surprise….a very pleasant one! Not only is this a beautiful geographic area and the place where a number of Great American loopers cross into the  Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and then Lake Michigan, but it is the home of Wye Heritage Marina and some of the best people I have met while enjoying my boating life.

From the moment Art and I arrived we were treated like close friends by the staff.” Full Circle” was serviced, waxed, fueled and ready to go . Steve Goddard and his assistant Jennifer were helpful in so many ways, from making sure that the accessories I had ordered were ready to go to making sure that the new dinghy I had purchased was mounted on “Full Circle”.

As is usual, there were a few things I discovered needed adjusting and they were promptly fixed.

Perhaps you are saying so what ….that is what all good marinas do….then you experience the hospitality of Jay Forrest, the General Manager.

If you remember, this spring the weather was awful, so we were stranded in Midland for a few extra days while waiting for the ice to melt. So how do you get around, have transportation to various restaurants where the reservations are made for you, even have transportation to the casino in Orillia? The answer is Jay and his kindness at Wye Heritage.

Jay even had one of his experienced boating friends go over various routes  with Art and Me so our trip back to the States would be as safe as possible . What was especially thoughtful was Jay calling us a day later in Tobermory just to  make sure we had arrived safely!

I love my new boat but what I really love are the experiences she has already brought me especially from the great people at Wye. If you are on the loop or just cruising in their vicinity a day or two at Wye Heritage Marina is very well spent, and if you do stop there say hi from me!

Wye Heritage Marina Customer


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