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What does it mean to “build a community?” There’s the bricks and mortar part, sure, but there is more to it than just a collection of homes. We believe it’s the relationships that thrive when people come together that create the true heart of a community.

At Parkbridge, we are community builders, and we work hard to build lasting relationships with the homeowners in our land lease communities. We invest in common areas and amenities where residents can come together. And Parkbridge property managers engage directly with homeowners to help create welcoming spaces that truly feel like home.

Community managers are one of the main contacts of support for Parkbridge residents. They often wear many hats and work on a wide variety of situations. This is one of the reasons residents at the community of Tecumseth Pines have great things to say about their new Property Manager, Christina Valentini.

Homeowners say they’ve seen Christina doing everything from small repairs and landscaping, to organizing an ice cream truck for the community to enjoy this summer. When asked what they like about her management style, residents use the words “open-minded” and “accessible” quite often.

Tecumseth Pines is a picturesque Parkbridge land lease retirement community located in New Tecumseth, ON., near Tottenham. It’s home to about 260 retirees of diverse backgrounds and ages.

Christina was promoted from administrator to community manager in September 2020. Since then, she has developed a strong working relationship with residents, and the community’s Homeowners Association, who praise her for bringing a hands-on and collaborative approach to her role.

Bruce Bridgeford, 69, sits on the HOA’s executive committee as treasurer and is a member of its infrastructure committee. He says there is a great deal of professional expertise in the community — including architects, engineers, and in his case, 42 years of experience in facilities management at Humber College.

“When we’re having our infrastructure meetings, if something needs to be done, it’s either addressed immediately and in some cases, by Christina herself,” he says. “I’ve seen her out packing a cold patch in a hole on the roadway or doing some planting and landscaping.”

That’s what being part of a team is all about, says Christina.

“When I took on the role as the property manager, one of my initiatives was to let residents know, ‘I am here for you, I’m listening, I get it’,” she says. “I want to be present; I want to be available.”

Although the pandemic limited some face-to-face interactions, Valentini has made of point of being onsite at Tecumseth Pines at least once a week. This allows her to chat with residents, address questions or concerns — particularly for older homeowners who don’t own a computer. Christina also meets with the HOA to talk about the community’s priorities and develop action plans for various projects.

The community office also issues a regular community newsletter and sends emails if urgent matters arise.

Pam Wright is the Regional Manager in the area, which means Christina is part of her team. She has also attended community meetings and says Christina is a “natural fit” at Tecumseth Pines, thanks to her positive attitude and energy and great listening skills.

“Christina is wonderful example of the positive relationships we strive to establish and maintain with our residents,” says Pam. “It’s these relationships that make homeowners thrive and feel connected in our communities.”


  • lorean wakefield says:

    hello how much are the houses and lease payments and where are you thanks

    • Jackie Paduano says:

      Hi Lorean, thank you for your interest in land lease homes. The community of Tecumseth Pines that is featured in this article is located in New Tecumseth, Ontario. Parkbridge communities can be found throughout B.C., Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The cost of land lease homes will range, depending on location and the local real estate market. The same is true for monthly lease payments. Please note that previously owned homes in Parkbridge communities are sold privately through real estate by their owners, just like freehold homes. Previously owned homes are typically listed on real estate sites, such as MLS. Newly built homes are sold by Parkbridge through sales offices located on the site of the community. You can learn more about these new communities at this link: For questions and more information, please feel free to email us at Thank you 🙂

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