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Camping and RVing has never been a more popular pastime, and it’s a safe way for your family to get out into nature and lure kids away from their cellphones and video games.

A recent U.S. survey of 800 moms and their kids confirms what families who camp together know to be true: camping leads to greater family communication, a more relaxing vacation for everyone, and a chance to learn new life-skills.

There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy, so we’ve put together some fun activities for kids to enjoy at any Parkbridge RV camping and cottage resort, even on a rainy day.

Take advantage of the natural environment

Most Parkbridge RV resorts are nestled in nature, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy it while respecting physical distancing. Slip on your hiking boots and take a walk through the woods. Or, pack your bicycles so you can hop on and go for a ride. A nearby lake, river or pond offers opportunities for swimming, kayaking or casting a line to catch a fish. All of these activities are great ways to keep bodies busy while keeping busy minds occupied.

Hold a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are an entertaining way to exercise your child’s powers of observation while being outside and active. Write up a list of 15-20 items and send the kids off to find them. Get creative and add fun items like a beaver-chewed stick, or two kinds of yellow flowers, or a tree too big to wrap their arms around. Challenge them to find six different kinds of bugs, the footprint of a deer, a blue-coloured bird, or a rock with quartz in it. Nature provides no shortage of objects to include. And don’t forget to reward the winner with a special treat.

Build your own village

Bring along some miniature cars and trucks and challenge kids to build a village in a patch of dirt or grass. Teeny houses and other buildings, like a fire station or hospital, can be made from sticks, bark and leaves. Roads can be burrowed out of dirt or sand and small leaves can become trees. Let your kids’ imagination run wild and use whatever they can find in nature to build a little community.

Rainy day arts and crafts

If you can’t get outside because of inclement weather, it’s possible to keep kids occupied with something other than video games or smart phones. Bring colouring books and crayons, a new Lego set, art supplies or even pre-made craft kits that you buy, or create on your own. A rainy day is also a great opportunity for a family marathon of Monopoly, or other classic board games.

Learn a new skill

RV camping is great opportunity to have your kids learn something new. Bring along a digital camera and have them practice taking photographs of birds, frogs, flowers, fungi, or anything else they find interesting. The beauty of a digital camera is that they can take hundreds of photos – experimenting with different perspectives, shutter speeds or depth of field – and it won’t cost you a cent. Cooking over a campfire also requires some skill, and teaching your kids how to roast hot dogs or bake potatoes in the fire’s coals is a useful life-lesson.

With a little bit of imagination and advance planning, your vacation in the great outdoors will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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