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Many of us dream about our retirement and having the freedom to do the things we love. But the transition can feel a little daunting once the moment comes to retire. It’s a big change that means shifting priorities. Suddenly you have a lot of free time to focus on yourself, instead of your career.

The way you spend your time can make a significant difference to your health and quality of life. And the home and environment you choose to live in will also have a big influence on how much you enjoy your retirement.

We’ve put together a few pointers on how to live your best life after hanging up your 9 to 5 routine.

Stay connected

Medical studies have shown that people who have close connections and relationships in retirement live longer. They also tend to do better with their physical and mental health.

Retirement communities, such as the ones offered by Parkbridge, provide opportunities to connect with neighbours in shared spaces and amenities, like recreation centres or outdoor pavilions. Social committees often organize events and activities where homeowners come together for and develop valuable relationships. This sense of community makes it easier to stay engaged and avoid feeling lonely while living in your own home.

Keep moving

Even small amounts of exercise can have major health benefits for people who are aging. The key to keeping your body active is to find things you enjoy. Homeowners in Parkbridge retirement communities have a range of options for physical activity. Low traffic and quiet streets make it possible to safely walk or ride a bike around the neighbourhood. Many of our communities are located near walking and hiking trails as well as golf courses. And some Parkbridge communities have amenities like swimming pools and other recreational facilities for residents.

Learn a new skill

Keeping your brain active and happy in retirement is also important. Learning new things is a great way to stimulate your mind and boost your mood. Social committees and groups in retirement communities offer a chance to learn new things, like knitting, wood working, dancing, or games like scrabble and shuffleboard.

Reading is also a popular pastime in our communities. You’ll often find our homeowners enjoy exchanging books or chatting about their favourite reads in a book club.

Connect with nature

Spending time outdoors is beneficial to physical and mental health at any age. Getting outside for fresh air, sunshine and to look at trees or landscapes can really lift your spirits. Owning your own home in a Parkbridge land lease community means having your own yard and space to garden, grow flowers or simply sit outdoors and enjoy peaceful surroundings. Unlike condos or apartment buildings, you won’t have to use an elevator to step outside. And your yard will be a reasonable size to maintain. Common areas are landscaped and maintained by our teams so homeowners can enjoy a clean and pleasant neighbourhood.

Retirement life in a Parkbridge community means feeling balanced and happy in your own home, surrounded by friends and easy access to nature and activities.

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