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Land lease properties are steadily growing in popularity, but they’ve always been on Miles Patterson’s radar. Miles grew up in a military family and has called many places across Canada home. Along the way, he became familiar with different neighbourhood styles. Now as a resident of Edmonton’s Maple Oak Ridge community, and of Parkland Village in Spruce Grove before that, he’s seen firsthand how land lease properties have grown and evolved to suit a variety of lifestyles.

As a retired military veteran, Miles doesn’t want a large house to clean and maintain. He’s passionate about playing recreational league hockey – he’s a goalie – and his wife loves gardening with spectacular lavender and raspberries to show for it. As such, Maple Oak’s mobile homes and spacious yards suit them perfectly.

The Patterson’s aren’t the only Maple Oak Ridge residents who love their hobbies and projects. Miles notes that his neighbours have impressive pride of ownership in their homes. He remarks that people are constantly updating their properties and tackling projects such as building decks or creating gardens of their own. Maple Oak Ridge’s fantastic parks, excellent community hall, and half a dozen social clubs further enhance the community and a wide selection of amenities, shops, and services are just a minute away.

It’s no surprise that Edmonton has plenty of attraction for a Maple Oak Ridge resident. The city is an entertainment super-stop for some of the biggest bands in the world, which is something that music lovers like Miles appreciate. Rounding out the fun is a gorgeous new stadium, many headlining comedians, a long list of sporting events, and incredible museums with creative exhibitions. In Miles’ own words “If you can’t find entertainment in Edmonton, there’s something wrong with you!”

Of course, during the COVID-19 global health crisis, Edmonton’s entertainment scene came to a standstill. It was a difficult time for everyone in the city but Miles has high praise for how Parkbridge’s staff addressed the unprecedented pandemic, describing the response as “outstanding.” Parkbridge staff embraced precautions, communicated well, and did their best to try to keep life as normal as possible under the circumstances. As Miles wryly says “Every man and woman (at Maple Oak Ridge) does an outstanding job. I’d recommend them to relatives and I don’t make recommendations easily!”

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