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The location of Parkbridge’s Shadybrook RV Resort in Seba Beach, Alberta makes it a very special place to both our colleagues and customers. It’s beautifully nestled inside a huge, 100,000 tree forest that includes spruce, pine and poplars. With trees as far as the eye can see, Shadybrook guests love exploring the woods and breathing in the fresh air by walking or biking surrounding trails.

This season, Shadybrook guests have a brand-new trail system to enjoy which is located in a previously unpassable area of the forest. This new trail came to be thanks to the fantastic efforts, and cooperation, between our Shadybrook colleagues and a very helpful seasonal guest of the resort.

The Shadybrook team works very hard to maintain this picturesque resort and keep it safe for guests.  Every season, they spend hours clearing damaged trees and dead limbs from camping areas. Sometimes, powerful acts of nature make this even more challenging. In recent years, high winds and storms have swept through and uprooted trees as tall as 30 metres in forested areas.

Last season, Wendy Elsey, then Property Manager of Shadybrook, noticed there were more dying trees and fallen branches within the forest. This increases the risk of forest fires. She knew the resort needed to do a significant amount of tree clearing in one particularly damaged area. Thankfully, she didn’t have to look far for help in tackling this massive job.

A New Plan for the Forest

Long-time Shadybrook seasonal guest and professional arborist, Lindsay Allen, had been helping Wendy’s team with emergency tree removal for some time. He agreed that more work needed to be done in the area.

“Lindsay has extensive forestry knowledge, and he presented a plan for his company, ENS Environmental Services (ENS), to cut and clear a significant amount of damaged forest to help keep the resort safe and beautiful,” says Wendy.

ENS identified over 400 damaged trees within the forest that needed to come down and be removed from the resort. In order to do this, the arborists had to bring large forestry equipment, and this meant carving out a pathway through the thick woods so vehicles could pass.

As the ENS crew cut down and cleared out damaged trees, they realized that the roadway they had cleared had potential for more than just a path for equipment. With some grooming, they knew the cleared area could become an additional trail system for resort guests to enjoy. With Wendy’s approval, Lindsay took many tonnes of the fallen lumber to a woodchipper and created mulch in order to line the trail and make it into a pleasant walking path.

The Wensay Trail Comes to Life

It took five months and a lot of exhausting work, but the crew dramatically transformed an unpassable forested area into a beautiful 1.2 km trail system. Resort guests are now able to enjoy the new pathway through the woods for years to come.

The trail officially opened on May 1, 2021, and a plaque revealing the path’s distinctive new name was unveiled. The WENSAY Trail is a combination of Property Manager Wendy Elsey’s first name (WEN), ENS (ENS), and its owner, Lindsay Allen (SAY). It’s a tribute to the cooperation, dedication and hard work that brought this project to life.

Even though the new trail is finished, the partnership between Shadybrook and ENS is not ending. Shadybrook is also home to a natural pine tree nursery deeper into the forest. Lindsay has generously agreed to volunteer his company’s time to help guests whose units back onto the new trail transplant trees from the nursery onto their lots. This way, these units continue to have privacy, even with the Trail behind them.

Seasonal guests are already thrilled to have access to a new area to explore.

“Many people have told us how much this has added to their enjoyment of Shadybrook,” says Mark Bouree, Senior Regional Manager of Property Operations at Parkbridge. “Everyone, from kids to seniors, have embraced the Wensay Trail and are happy to utilize the new space.”




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