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The love of property management runs in Pam Wright’s family.

Pam can recall being at her grandfather’s construction site desk every Saturday morning as a little girl, often eating lemon Danish as he worked. “It’s in my blood” she reminisces.

Pam has an impressive early background as an instrumentation electrician which has helped her evolve into the role she holds today.  Real Estate always fascinated Pam so she eventually moved into property management in her hometown of Sarnia, ON. Even then, she and her husband were avid Collingwood weekenders, so it wasn’t a big leap when they decided to move to Collingwood full-time in 2009. “We love the live, work, play atmosphere.”

Pam joined Parkbridge as Regional Manager Central West in September 2019 and was instantly impressed with the approachability of Parkbridge staff. She approaches every conversation with “How can I help?” and has found the same helpful attitude in the majority of her colleagues. In her words, “Everyone I’ve met at Parkbridge has been very friendly and extremely helpful. It’s very cohesive. There’s a lot of internal communications that make the whole process work and it is quite seamless.”

As a Regional Manager, Pam is involved in many projects. One larger initiative is construction of a shoreline wall at Victoria Harbour resort to protect against rising Georgian Bay water levels. Resort guests have been very enthusiastic and appreciate the investment in protecting their beloved retreat.

Pam and her team are also working on several other property upgrades, including a new pool at Victoria Harbour resort, water and sewer improvements at Antrim Glen, and many other site optimization activities and upgrades. A good understanding of the ‘bones’ of a property are key for Pam. In her words, “I like to get down into the nitty gritty of the site operation and figure out how all the infrastructure works and how we can improve on it… at the end of the day, if you improve your infrastructure, you’re going to lower your costs overall. It’s a continuous improvement process.”

Undoubtedly, the current pandemic has presented new challenges. She’s had to find new ways to manage client concerns as well as those of her own team. The best tool at her disposal, she insists, is continuous consistent communication: Pick up the phone. Look someone in the eyes. Have a quick little video chat. It’s the constant communication that matters” she advises.

Pam and her husband Wayne are passionate about rescuing dogs and currently have an adorable 6-year-old rottweiler named Roxie. They also love to spend time with their family fireside, enjoying the outdoors. She’s excited for what’s to come with her role at Parkbridge.

“It’s nothing but growth and excitement from here forward as far as I’m concerned.”

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