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The phrase “That’s not my job” has no place in Rachel Kosovich’s vocabulary. As Parkbridge’s Sales Coordinator, Rachel’s unflappable mindset is invaluable. Her easygoing nature and eagerness to embrace a challenge comes naturally. Rachel first started honing her can-do attitude early in her career. With a background in culinary arts and food and beverage management, Rachel was at the helm when a prominent restaurant opened, involved in everything from construction to design to hiring. As Rachel says “That definitely gave me a jack-of-all-trades kind of personality and… I can take anything on.”

Rachel’s journey with Parkbridge started several years ago. It began with a series of contracts, from assisting with marketing, to working on website audits, to supporting digital specialists. And since July 2019, Rachel’s diverse skill set has been making waves in her role as Parkbridge’s Sales Coordinator.

As Sales Coordinator, Rachel has overseen extensive efforts to establish standard operating procedures for Parkbridge’s cross-Canada sales centres, ensuring that all team members are on the same page. With three sets of SOPs completed and four more in the works, Rachel describes the process as one of creating living, breathing documents, adaptable and ready for future challenges. She takes pride in making the procedures as engaging as possible, incorporating small steps that are easy to breakdown into bite-size pieces. It’s a process that allows team members to bring their own style and personality to sales while ensuring streamlined paperwork behind the scenes.

However, Rachel’s work isn’t all about planning and paperwork. Her job brings tremendous creative opportunities as well. For instance, Rachel coordinates projects with interior designers, helps support the design process in show homes and presentation centres, and she has the inside scoop on how creative projects come together from the ground up. It’s an environment Rachel values, stating “Having that creative outlet, to be a part of making something beautiful, is fun.”

While much of the work Rachel does as Sales Coordinator happens behind the scenes, she’s a familiar face in the Parkbridge family. Rachel is widely respected for her amazing commitment to charitable projects. A passionate participant in many of Parkbridge’s community fundraising projects — The YMCA’s Move to Give, The Everest Challenge, and the 24h BLUE MTN ski relay — Rachel is a self-described “charity junkie” who will do anything for a good cause. From midnight skis to mountain hikes, Rachel’s can-do approach never quits.

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