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Together with his wife Georgette, Patrick Pearson has been a homeowner at Parkbridge’s Solstice at Tower Ranch community in Kelowna, BC, since April 2018. But while his move to Solstice is a recent one, he’s known the area for years. 

 The Pearsons have a summer condo on a nearby lake and they were attracted to the services and amenities that Kelowna has to offer. For instance, Patrick speaks highly of the region’s excellent healthcare services. As a senior, being able to live so close to the renowned Kelowna General Hospital brings real peace of mind (just in case!) Airport proximity was another huge selling point for the Pearsons. Less than 15 minutes away from Solstice, Kelowna International Airport’s location makes it easy for Patrick and Georgette to see friends and family – or to escape on vacation from time to time.  

A sense of adventure is important to Patrick and Georgette. As Patrick often says, he wants a lifestyle with a little bit of life in it! While the couple are both semi-retired, their life is anything but sedate. Hiking is a favourite activity, as is visiting the Okanagan’s world-famous wineries and going on excursions to nearby lakes and hamlets. But while he loves to keep busy, Patrick still appreciates the tranquil side of life and the cozy vibe at Solstice. One of his favourite wineries, Ancient Hills, is just ten minutes away. And as a nature lover, he couldn’t ask for a better location. During a recent walk with his dog, Patrick came upon three beautiful deer standing together, peaceful and placid. When asked if there was any other location in Canada that he’d like to live in, Patrick says There is nowhere else…. This is where we want to be. It has everything that you want. There’s nothing that we really lack living here.” 

He’s not alone in his love of Kelowna and the Okanagan. Kelowna is a sought-after place to live for many Canadians. The city boasts youthful, vibrant energy, a culture of health and wellness, and, of course, spectacular wine. ranks the Okanagan as one of Canada’s best spots for foodies and wine lovers! However, all those perks come with high price tags – and that’s before you add in incredible views like those at Solstice. 


Patrick appreciates that Solstice is one of the most highly desired locations in Kelowna and that a land lease model of homeownership means that he gets a lot more bang for his buck in his retirement years. He’s done the math and calculated how much the land lease would cost if he lived at Solstice from ages 65 to 85 and saw just how further ahead he is financially compared to the cost of land ownership. As Patrick says “It’s nothing in comparison to what you would have to be paying for a piece of land with the same home on it somewhere else.”  

Owning their own home and leasing the land at Solstice has given Patrick and Georgette their dream home in a dream location. That leaves a lot of financial flexibility to put that coveted spark of life into their lifestyle! 

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