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Tim Gillies likes to joke that he’s been with Parkbridge for so long, his first company Christmas party only had about half a dozen people at it! Tim has been with our Parkbridge family and has grown his career with us for an impressive 20 years (and counting). Over that time, he’s seen remarkable changes. But throughout the transformation and innovation, Parkbridge has remained a place for him to grow.

From his early days managing Wasaga Pines, Tim has seen incredible progression in Parkbridge’s operations. Technology, for instance, has revolutionized resort sales in more ways than one. Tim’s pretty sure he didn’t even have a cell phone back in 2000! Now, tools like this are essential for keeping in touch with team members and guests, and for keeping on top of business trends and current events. The fast-paced environment is welcomed by Tim, who says: “There’s really no typical day in the resort world. It’s a very diverse job. There’s always something different going on. And that’s good, I like the variety. I like the diversity.”

One thing that’s remained steady over the past 20 years is Tim’s passion for sales. As someone who loves the great outdoors himself, including fishing, camping, and skiing, talking to resort guests about their vacation and leisure time comes naturally. He’s seen first-hand how much it means to people to have a place they can call their second home, their own personal escape. He hasn’t just seen Parkbridge grow — Tim has also been able to see the communities at our resorts grow as well. Over the years, he’s seen countless kids grow up at Parkbridge resorts and then come back as adults with their own families in tow, each ready to create their own home away from home with Parkbridge.

Tim has also gotten to see more than a few young employees rise through the ranks over the years. In the course of his work, he now interacts with people in roles that didn’t even exist 20 years ago, such as marketing roles that are now essential to the sales team. As he describes it “It’s been neat. It has been really, really enjoyable to watch the growth and the evolution of the company from when I first started.

Tim Gillies, centre, pictured in March, 2020

Tim’s proud that Parkbridge hasn’t just grown internally but also externally, expanding from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, bringing jobs and opportunities with each new development. To him, Parkbridge is a place that welcomes diverse talents:

“There’s lots of opportunity within the company … If you’re in the hospitality industry… there’s opportunity in that regard. With the different divisions within the company, as far as development, acquisitions, operations, sales, there’s so many avenues. That encompasses a pretty large amount of people and what their interests are.”

When asked if he had any inkling that Parkbridge would grow to such a degree, Tim says: “I had no idea…. once we really started taking off and purchasing more campgrounds and more residential properties… We did some spectacular developments.”

Though the days of having an annual holiday party for six are long gone, it’s clear Tim wouldn’t have it any other way.

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